Baby Ski Update

Week 31! It’s hard to believe that in a couple weeks, we will be 8 months pregnant! I’ve been sewing a little bit pretty much everyday for the last month or so, and I’m so excited to post these matching sets of bibs, burp cloths, and binky clips. These are all relatively simple projects that use very little materials and have been pretty fun to make. I’m currently working on more colors/patterns right now; I will post pictures when those are done! My goal is to make a stack of sets, I hate doing laundry :)


A while back, I had pinned a few tutorials for making your own nursing cover because I wanted one that I absolutely loved instead of settling for one of the store designs. After all, I’m guessing this will be getting a ton of use! Well I picked out this adorable fabric, went back to look at those websites and the instructions were all terrible! So I took bits and pieces from multiple sights, and just kinda made my own cover. I liked the fact that it’s easily adjustable, and using a piece of boning (flexible plastic) in the front will allow me to peek in on my little one easily! It’s technically reversible, but I liked this fabric so much that I used it on both sides. The next one I make will most likely have two different patterns!

As far as baby shopping goes, I’ve continued my extensive research on what’s actually practical and will last us through the next baby. We bought our Bob Revolution Jogging stroller back on Black Friday, and got a killer deal! I fell in love with this stroller after babysitting my friend’s daughter and taking her on walks in her own Bob stroller. Normal price was a bit much, but we ended up saving a whopping $160 by waiting in line at Target on the dreaded shopping day.

Considering the stroller is a bit bigger than others we were looking at, I’m thinking I will be baby wearing for many outings and probably around the house a bit too. After hearing so many great things about this option, I stumbled upon Wild Bird on Instagram. They have the cutest baby slings, and great reviews! I loved their color options, and was so happy to receive it just a couple days after ordering. The fabric is sturdy and super soft; the color was exactly as pictured on their website. I can’t wait to try it out!


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