Baby Update: Week 33

Week 33 and I’m still feeling pretty good! I’ve really come to realize that every pregnancy is different, and you can’t always rely on what people/books/apps tell you to expect. I wasn’t looking forward to reaching the third trimester, because everyone talked about how miserable it was. So far, I haven’t really lost my energy, and I pretty much feel the same as I have for the last few months, just slightly bigger in my stomach and 18 pounds heavier.

Baby Ski is sure an active one; just last week he literally wouldn’t stop moving for about three days straight. He’s getting incredibly strong for such a little thing (not so little though, apparently he’s already slightly larger than average babies this far along!). I enjoy feeling him move around, and even experiencing some hiccup fits!

Last weekend, the girls from my gym threw us a baby shower, which was incredible! I honestly wasn’t really expecting a shower, let alone everything that they did for us. Babies are expensive, and we are so grateful for the gifts that all these girls bought for Baby Ski. This was the first baby shower I’ve ever been to, and it was such a blast! The games, the food, the cake, and recent advice from the new mothers was amazing. I’m so happy I met the group of girls that I did down here in Tucson!

That being said, baby prep was in full swing this last week in the Kosakowski residence. With help from family, we were able to order all the last of the items we will need to welcome this baby home. Amazon is just one of the best things ever, and shipping was so ridiculously fast! The postal workers, the apartment office, and the UPS drivers probably hate us by now (our crib is currently taking up the entire package delivery room in our apartment office) but it’s been like Christmas all over again! It’s been such a huge weight off our shoulders knowing that we are prepared, even if he decided to make his appearance tomorrow (but please don’t, baby Ski). The only thing we need now is to move into our new home so all this baby stuff has a place to reside, besides our dining room.

This week, I also decided to put together our hospital and diaper bag. The supervisors at work came up with a plan, just in case I go into labor while on shift, so I decided I should probably have things ready-to-go and in my car at all times. I posted separate pages including everything I included in both my bags, which you can read here (hospital bag) and here (diaper bag). Considering how much of an over-packer I am, it will be fun to go back and edit this list later on when I don’t use half the stuff I bring. Better to be prepared, right!?

Having the busy week that we did, I literally have not touched my sewing machine. My to-do list gets longer and longer every day and as much as I would love to, I just haven’t had time to be crafty. I have my own to-do list of items I would like to finish before the baby gets here, so I will post those as I have more time. I am about to start a geometric-triangle quilt that will match the nursery perfectly, as well as a cover for my currently naked boppy nursing pillow . Hopefully I can finish before I have to box up my sewing machine for the move!

If anyone has any advice on what they loved to have at the hospital, I would love to hear!



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