What I Eat: A Daily Snapshot

Ok so I decided to post a little bit about what I eat in a normal day. If you follow along on Instagram, you’ve probably seen a little bit over the last week of what a typical day looks like. With life getting busy, I focus on what’s quick and easy to make while still being healthy and mostly paleo. Even when life isn’t busy, I absolutely love meals that come together in ten minutes! So this was the other day, which happened to be a training day.


I keep ground breakfast sausage in the fridge to cook up real quick with some sweet peppers then top it with some eggs fried in ghee or coconut oil. I like my eggs over easy so the yolk runs over the sausage :) I had a green shake along with this meal as well (recipe here).


I experimented with yet another smoothie bowl, this one was a cherry dragon fruit topped with granola, kiwis, blueberries and drizzled with honey. It was so delicious! I posted the recipe here.

Pre-Workout Snack:

I always eat something light about 30-45 minutes before I workout; today was an almond coconut perfect bar then after that settled, I started drinking some fruit punch spark (which is pregnancy safe!). I combined one scoop with about 20 oz of water so I could drink it throughout my workout for some added aminos and energy! This stuff is like magic, and tastes delicious.



Ok, I have tried so many dang protein brands over the years and have officially settled on Progenex. This stuff tastes so good, sometimes I work out just because I know I get to drink it afterwards. My absolute favorite flavor is the peppermint bark, but they only sell it during Christmas time (I’m stocking up next year!) My second favorite is the cookies n’ cream, which actually has little cookie pieces in it! It’s like you get dessert for all your hard work :) To replenish the carbs I just depleted in my workout, I combine my protein with milk and fruit. I recently started buying a grass-fed, non growth hormone treated milk from a local dairy here in Arizona. This is part of the reason I’m not 100% strict paleo; I love milk! I also ate some coconut chips on the ride home from the gym; they’re delicious.

If you’re in need for some high-quality, amazing tasting protein, check out Progenex and their “recovery” or “more muscle” protein.


This was another super-fast meal; I stock the freezer with farm-fresh white fish, and remember to throw a couple in the fridge in the morning time. They are pretty thin, so they’re good-to-go by dinner time. I coated a couple fillets with lime juice, pink salt, pepper and a little garlic then pan-fried them in ghee. I steamed some broccoli and a sweet potato, and topped it with some grass-fed butter. I drank some cold pressed juice along with my meal (the “red” flavor from Trader Joe’s).


I finished the night off with some sliced strawberries in a shallow bowl of milk. It’s really simple, but I love it!

strawberries and cream

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