What I Eat: Daily Snapshot of 14 March

Ok this is my second “daily snapshot” post, and I hope they are giving you guys some ideas for easy meals to eat throughout the day! I find that as our days get busy with work, the gym and commuting between places, having fresh ingredients on hand allows us to throw meals together. When I go to the grocery store I stock up on a few different protein sources including chicken sausage, steak, chicken, lean ground beef, bacon and eggs. When it comes to produce, I make sure to buy more complex carbs, such as sweet potatoes and yams then I get a ton of green vegetables and some non-sugary fruit (apples, bananas, and berries). We are not strict-paleo, so we include items such as milk and English muffins. Lastly, we buy healthy fats like almond butter, avocados and coconut oil.

When you’re deciding what to eat at meal time, it’s pretty simple; try and include a protein source, complex carb, green vegetables and a little healthy fat. If you think outside the box, meals become pretty easy to put together; experiment with foods that you normally wouldn’t combine together, or have breakfast for dinner! If you remember these things, it becomes easy to make sure you’re eating healthy all day long no matter how busy you are.

Now on to my day:



A couple free-range brown hen eggs fried in coconut oil with a little salt and pepper, 2 pieces of nitrate-free butcher bacon, an English muffin with grass-fed butter and a little avocado and 1/2 banana. I drank a huge glass of water on the side (pregnancy has really kept me in-tune with my water intake!)


Beef,brussels, sweet potato

This is a good example of throwing random ingredients together to form a meal! Grass-fed lean ground beef with homemade salsa guacamole and roasted tomatillo salsa (paleo-friendly, I found it at Trader Joe’s), steamed sweet potatoes with grass-fed butter, brussel sprouts sauteed in Tessamae’s zesty ranch (paleo, from Whole Foods) and a little garlic. I had a small handful of corn tortilla chips to eat with the beef!



I ate lunch about an hour before I was leaving for the gym to have enough time to digest, then I got coffee from Starbucks about a half hour before it was time to workout. I ordered a venti iced coffee with heavy cream. I either order this or an Americano; either way no sugar or sweetener whatsoever.


This is probably my favorite meal of the day. I still have some peppermint bark Progenex recovery protein, which is my all-time favorite whey protein. I pretty much won’t buy anything else at this point :) I combine it with 5g of both creatine and glutamine for a little extra muscle recovery. I mix all this in 12 oz. of milk and consume at the gym while I stretch out and mobilize. Then on the way home, I had half of a Lenny & Larry’s protein cookie and a FitAID. I think this combination was enough motivation to get me to workout in the first place! I had the double chocolate cookie and it was absolutely amazing! I found them both at Vitamin World.



I diced up some sun dried tomato chicken sausage and just browned it in a pan for a few minutes. I combined this with steamed broccoli, avocado slices and some plantains that I sliced in quarters and fried in some coconut oil. I like to always buy a plantain or two whenever I go to the grocery store because they take about a week to ripen. This way I usually have one good-to-go every couple days!

2 thoughts on “What I Eat: Daily Snapshot of 14 March

    1. They sell it at most health food stores. We have sprouts, natural grocers and whole foods. We also saw it at Costco and the commissary grocery store on base! Try going to the kerrygold website and seeing if they have a vendor location


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