Body After Baby: Progress & Nutrition Snapshot

First, let’s talk food! Here is another daily snapshot of what I eat. I’m sticking to the same “diet” as normal, which is mostly paleo (including some dairy, like milk) I don’t count macros, but I make sure to have a balance of protein/carbs/fat in each meal.



A couple eggs fried in coconut oil, ground chicken sausage, an English muffin (not paleo), a half an avocado, and about a cup of berries. I madeĀ this green shake to drink along side my meal.






I had a Progenex peanut butter caramel bar and a banana while running errands. These are some of the best tasting protein bars I’ve had, and are pretty filling! Right now, I just love anything I can grab fast. You can buy the bars here.




FullSizeRender 2


We finally got the chance to check out Goodness Fresh, a juice bar here in Tucson. I had the “Big Melons” juice, which had watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe, lime, mint, and pink himalayan salt. So delicious! This place was a little far, so it definitely inspired me to start making my own juice. Thank goodness for my Vitamix; juicers are a huge pain to clean out!





So basically, I’ve turned “lunch time” into a few snacks. You don’t really have a lot of time to eat when you’re constantly feeding the baby! So this was my pre-dinner snack, since I wasn’t really hungry for a full meal. Also, I absolutely love berries; they are a great natural source of sugar for a sweet tooth.


FullSizeRender 3


My husband doesn’t cook often but he created this dish for us, which was really good! He roasted brussel sprouts and sweet potato slices in garlic, and topped it with grilled jalapeno chicken sausage.




Ok now here it is; the first post of my body after baby journey! Towards the end of my pregnancy, I was looking ahead and planning out how I would go about getting back in shape and eventually get back into training for competitive CrossFit. After seeing a few postpartum progress pictures on Instagram, I decided I would do the same so I would have some accountability. My goal is to post updates on my nutrition and exercise weekly to document this journey, and hopefully inspire/help someone else out with similar goals.

First, some stats:

Pre-baby weight: 135 lbs
Pre-baby body fat percentage: 16-18%
40 week check-up: 157 lbs
Total weight gained: 22 lbs

2daysppThis was the day we came home from the hospital. It kind of felt like I had a bunch of loose skin around my stomach area.

The first few days after having the baby, you’re not really supposed to be moving around a ton (you lose A LOT of blood; you don’t want to pass out!) Even if the doctor’s hadn’t warned me about this situation, there’s no way I was about to be on my feet any more than I had to. It took a good 3-4 days before I was comfortable moving around, but it’s really surprising how much your body changes the first week and how you lose the pounds without doing much.


3 days postpartum: 146 pounds
7 days postpartum: 138 pounds
10 days postpartum: 136 pounds

The scale has been showing progress fast, but the composition of my body has completely changed. For most of my pregnancy I felt little to no tension in my abdominal muscles, but mostly when I was working out…or trying to sit up or get up from a chair. Post-baby, I have even less tension, but all the time. The other day, it took everything out of me just to blow my nose because my abs just aren’t responding yet!

Before pregnancy, I had been working a lot on muscle definition and bodybuilding type movements. I have decided to give CrossFit the next year’s worth of my sole attention (workout wise). I have been indecisive in the past, always changing up my training, but I would really like to see how far I can progress in the sport if I just commit. That being said, a lot of my muscle definition and strength in stabilizing muscles is definitely nowhere near the level they were at before. In a way, this is like a whole new starting point for me! This post is very criticizing of my post-baby body, but I really am excited to step back and almost “re-learn” CrossFit and other type of movements (like running form) and focus more on technique and slower progression so I will be stronger and more resilient than before!

One thought on “Body After Baby: Progress & Nutrition Snapshot

  1. I’m enjoying reading through your journey. I’m a Mom to 3 kids, a Navy wife, and a business owner…and I can’t seem to keep or stay on track to change my body. I think most of my issue is mental….I’m pretty sure it is? That’s so crazy to me…I want a better body, I want to look better and be healthier…but I mentally make bad choices and self sabatoge…
    Hoping to read your journey and understand how to make small changesšŸ‘


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