Body After Baby: First Workouts

I was going to wait until two weeks postpartum to start exercising, but I was talked into going to the gym a day early (it didn’t take much convincing). I was also going to just row or do some sort of light cardio, but I decided that I felt good enough to attempt the workout of the day. My entire pregnancy, and shortly after, the doctors just told me to “listen to my body” and to continue working out as I had done before, since I was already on a consistent routine. Just a side note: you should always listen to your doctor; everyone’s body/pregnancy is different!

Any who, getting out of the house felt great and I faced my anxiety of dealing with an infant in public! You never really think about all the logistics of a simple trip, but babies require a lot of extra baggage (literally). I felt like a pack mule with my gym gear, diaper bag and stroller but you really need it all! Luckily, our little one felt at home in the gym atmosphere and slept through the clang and bang of the weights and even the slightly loud rock music we were playing. I probably checked on him about 200 times throughout the first workout, but he was out like a log for the entire hour of class.

Below are the first two days of official exercising and getting back into CrossFit. I scaled heavily, but I’m not about to injure myself and/or slow the healing process. It was really just nice to get off the couch and get moving again!


A. Conditioning: 30 Reps For Time
1 Deadlift
1 Hang Power Clean
1 Lunge (R)
1 Lunge (L)
1 S2OH

B. Team prowler push for 400m (90#)

C. Time trial: For time, 1:1 work/rest ratio

Row 1000m
Row 500m
Row 250m



A. 3 Rounds – 1 Minute per Station
Slam Balls
Russian KB Swings (53/35)
Sit Ups
:30s KB Snatch R + :30s KB Snatch L (53/35)

B. For time, 1:1 work/rest ratio in between sets

Row 100m
Row 200m
Row 300m
Row 400m
Row 500m
Row 400m
Row 300m
Row 200m
Row 100m

Nutrition Snapshot: What I Ate in a Day

Carrot juice1


I have literally been eating the exact same thing for breakfast the last couple weeks: 1 chicken sausage (Trader Joe’s has a ton of different flavors), 2 eggs fried in coconut oil, an English muffin and about a cup of berries/banana slices. I’ve been experimenting with the Vitamix and making juices; this was carrot-apple, made with 100% real honeycrisp apple juice. You can find the recipe here.


Out running errands we stopped by Mama’s Hawaiian BBQ, one of my favorite places. I got Kalua pork with sticky rice and mac salad; absolutely delicious. We stopped by Goodness Fresh while we were out and I tried their “clean it up” juice. I think I finished it in about 5 minutes, I wish I had the recipes for all their drinks!

acai bowl

Pre-workout snack

I made an acai smoothie bowl and topped it with some gluten-free granola I found at Sprouts the other day. Side note: this was waaay too much for one person. If you want to make this, here’s the recipe!

Post-workout meal

I did not eat all of this, don’t worry. My hubby came to the gym with me! After workouts, I drink my protein shake while I cool down/mobilize/feed the baby. On the way home, I drink a FitAid (because we just bought a 24 pack, yay!) and eat a banana to replenish carbs. This particular day, I rewarded myself with a protein cookie as well (I’m always starving after a workout).

Steak&sweet potatoes


My hubby cooked us dinner; garlic shrimp and steak with seasoned sweet potato fries and steamed broccoli. It was the most amazing steak I’ve ever had, hands down. He’s becoming quite the chef :)

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