Weekly Workouts


Extra rest day (We had baby appointments all day!)


SWOD- Strict Press 5×5 @ 70% – 2 minutes rest between sets (I had my pre-pregnancy numbers in mind, then scaled down as needed. I would have done 65 lbs, but after warming up I stayed at 55 lbs. It’s all about feeling things out now!)

WOD- “Helen”
– 400m Run (I rowed instead)
– 21 AKBS @ 53/35
– 12 Pull Ups

CORE- Russian Twists 4×20 (10R +10L)


SWOD- OT2M 1x High Hang Squat Clean + 1x Hang Squat Clean – 7 sets (I worked up to 75 lbs, the weight for the WOD. I focused on technique over trying to lift as heavy as possible)

WOD- 10 Minute AMRAP
– 10x Power Cleans (115/75)
– 30x Double unders
– 10x T2B

(I singled out the cleans, which felt heavy, and the toes to bar so I could focus on perfect form and preventing injury)


SWOD- OTM 1x Power Snatch- 10 sets (I felt like a baby deer trying to walk for the first time; I hadn’t snatched with a barbell since before I was pregnant. I avoided this movement so I wouldn’t accidentally hit my baby bump with the bar. Needless to say, I went super lightweight for this strength session)

– 10 HSPU (I scaled and did :30 handstand holds; the push-ups just weren’t happening)
– 100ft Farmers Carry (62’s/40’s)


SWOD- OTM Back Squat 10×2 @ 60% (I went really light for these, I had a lot of hip separation throughout my pregnancy and I don’t want to push it too hard, too fast. Again, technique and perfect form are better than injury!)

WOD- 4 Rounds of:
– :60s Assault Bike
– :60s rest
– :60s Rowing
– :60s rest
– :60s Bar Facing Burpees
– :60s rest

(I kept a slow-and-steady pace for this entire workout and held the same repetitions, plus or minus a few, for each round)


Overall, this week I was able to push myself a little harder than I had been able to while pregnant, which felt really good! It was nice to feel familiarity with movements again, while also facing some difficulties with others. A challenge is always nice, whether it’s physically or mentally (like being the last one to finish, which happened a couple times this week). It’s been hard not to let my super-competitive nature come out, but I keep reminding myself that I will get back to where I was no matter how long it takes!




We have a good schedule going on; so far he’s slept through the hour long class every day this week!

(He had to wear his “muscle tee” to the gym)

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