Weekly Workouts + Fitness Fashion

The last few weeks, I’ve been splitting my fitness time with both bodybuilding and CrossFit. I don’t have any really specific goals right now; just to work on both definition and strength. I will do a bodybuilding workout in the morning on Monday, Wednesday and Friday then CrossFit in the evening about 3 times per week whichever days work out the best with my schedule. So here’s what I did this past week:

Monday: Memorial day

Since we had a three day weekend, I made this my rest day because of the weird gym hours.


Bodybuilding: Shoulders and arms

Military Press- 4×12
External/Internal rotation on the cable system- 3×10 each arm
Tricep Push downs-
Seated Arnold Press- 3×10
Alternating Hammer Curls- 3×10 each arm
Front Raises- 3×10
Tricep Kickbacks- 3×12 each arm (with a hold at the top)
Lateral Raises- 3×10
Bicep curls on the cable system- 3×12
Shoulder DB burnout- 1×20


CrossFit: Power cleans and “Annie”

This was my favorite day; it included all my favorite things!

We worked on power clean technique, then…
10 min EMOM- 1 on the minute (I worked up to 125#; the most I’ve done since before I was prego!)
Conditioning was the workout “Annie” MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!
50-40-30-20-10 Double unders and sit-ups
This was the first time all my double unders were unbroken! I ended up finishing in 6:37 RX


Bodybuilding: Back and Biceps

Seated row machine (pulling towards you)- 3×12
Seated row machine (pulling down, similar to lateral pull downs)- 3×12
Lateral Pull downs- 3×10
Alternating DB hammer curls- 3×10 each arm
Straight arm pull down with the cable machine + rope- 3×12
Alternating DB curls- 3×10 each arm
Back extension (with weight)- 3×12
Barbell curl- 3×10

4 (It’s been getting ridiculously hot sooo early!)


CrossFit: Squat cleans and “CrossFit Total”

I started out with a 1RM squat clean and made it up to 125#; PR! Still about 45# less than my max, but I’ve been trying to get my clean numbers up for a while now!

The “CrossFit Total” consists of a 1RM back squat, strict press and deadlift. I managed to (post-pregnancy) PR all three lifts! I didn’t have a spotter, so I stopped before I knew I might not make the lift. With such a weak core right now, I didn’t want to push it too much.

Back squat: 145#
Strict press: 80#
Deadlift: 175#



Bodybuilding: Chest and Triceps

Incline DB press 4×12
Tricep Kickbacks 3×10 each arm (with a pause at the top)
Flat bench DB press 3×10
Tricep push downs 3×12
Flat bench fly 3×10
One arm tricep push down 3×10 each arm
Cable fly 3×10
Bench dips 3×10
Machine press burnout 1×20




Now, some of my favorite fitness fashion pieces as of late:

 Hoodie from the Lululemon sales rack! I love the high neck and deep pockets

Both shorts and shirts also from Lululemon. I love their long sleeve shirts; they’re great for workouts or dinner dates!

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