In the Midst of a Season


With the craziness of these past few months, I’ve had to take a step back from my blog…which has turned into a two month break. I didn’t mean to take such a long absence, but sometimes that’s just how military life is; especially when you’re a dual-military family with a new baby! This summer has brought job changes, vacation and work trips, and mostly some big decisions. While this season of our lives isn’t quite over yet, I’ve decided I need to be a little more consistent in updating my blog.

First off, the job changes! My husband got accepted into a more training-type position, which has provided him with a more consistent schedule. This is a win-win for everyone and is already proving to be less stressful and time-consuming (no more 12 hour shifts!) However, he was gone for the entire month of August, which left me to take care of the baby alone on top of working full time. This wasn’t a terribly different situation, given we’ve been on opposite work schedules since I went back to work 4 months ago. I did manage to find myself cross-training into a completely different career. As of 1 July, I have been on active duty orders helping out as a base education & training manager. This has been a complete 180 from where I was before working in maintenance repairing components of the aircraft. I now get to work in a customer service type job, helping people and sending off the newcomers to boot camp! I’m pretty happy where I’m at now, to say the least.

Robbie has adjusted well to the military lifestyle, and has finally found himself a consistent babysitter (after 3 tries!) and even has himself a little girlfriend Lily. He loved taking a trip back to Oregon to meet the rest of his family, and he was a perfect little angel on the plane rides. He flirted with everyone around us, including the flight attendants. He is growing so much everyday, and is going to be crawling so soon!

The craziness continues as I head off to Mississippi next week for about 2 months to learn my job. Nik and I will basically be switching roles; him taking care of Robbie on his own while I’m gone. It’s going to be so hard to leave my boys, but it will definitely help our future. While I’m getting ready to go to school, we are also watching out for Nik to get orders out of Tucson, considering he’s been stationed here for three years now and is about to reenlist in the Air Force. We are keeping our fingers crossed for our top picks, but I think we are ready to experience another part of the country.

Maybe life will settle down eventually, but we’re definitely making the most of of it!

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