Didn’t We Just do This?

37 weeks pregnant and we are all set for baby number two to arrive. More than ready, in fact. This time around seemed a lot less stressful and chaotic given the fact that we literally just stored away all of Robbie’s clothes and baby gear he had outgrown. The fact that we are having another little boy made things even easier; did we even need to buy anything?!

There were a couple big items that needed to be purchased, such as another crib and upgrading our Bob to accommodate another little person. Luckily we were able to sell our single Bob with no problem, then the new double stroller arrived on our doorstep shortly after. (yay Amazon Prime!) There were of course the other random little things we wanted such as a baby book,  amber necklace and of course a new stuffed animal and swaddle for new baby’s monthly photo! It was also decided we wanted new baby to at least have a few new outfits considering he’s going to be wearing many hand-me-downs throughout his childhood (Robbie has a ridiculous amount of clothing for a one year old). We didn’t really have a lot of newborn sized clothing the first time around so that made our decision easier! Now new baby has something brand new to wear home from the hospital.

Speaking of the hospital, I thought I would share what’s packed in my bag this time around; knowing what to expect and having experience to draw on. Click here if you want to read what I packed the first hospital trip.

  1. Toiletries. I wasn’t in the hospital long, so this time I just threw in mini bottles of shampoo, conditioner, facial cleanser and moisturizer, a bar of soap and a mini deodorant. Nothing felt better after labor than taking a shower and feeling clean again!
  2. Clothes. After the amazing shower, it felt good to throw on my own nightgown and robe so I wasn’t constantly retying that stupid hospital gown (Pretty sure it was a “one size fits all” kind of deal). I’m always cold, so having layers and long socks was pretty cozy. I’m probably not bringing my big puffy robe this time, as it took up basically my entire bag. I will however throw a hoodie in the car. I also threw in a couple nursing tanks that I can throw a tee over when we get discharged.  Oh yea, and granny panties….big enough to fit an ice pack. Trust me on this one.
  3. Going-home clothes. I haven’t really needed to buy any maternity clothing (also, I didn’t want to spend the money). That being said, I really only have a few items of clothing that fit at this point (I do A LOT of laundry these days). I keep this small stack of clothes next to my hospital bag so I can just throw it in on our way out the door. These clothes all fit pre-baby and throughout my pregnancy so I’m confident they will suffice when going home from the hospital. Like I said before, I threw a couple nursing tanks in the bag already because they will make do as a regular shirt or under a tee/hoodie.
  4. Additional items to grab-and-go. I wrote on a post-it a few items I want to grab on our way out the door (because even in pain, I still had my head on straight last time and was able to think through the journey). These are mostly just items I use everyday and can’t really pack away just yet. This includes my cell phone charger, toothbrush/toothpaste, and my wallet.
  5. Baby gear. We brought along Robbie’s baby book and they added his little footprints in there for us while they did their thing. We are definitely going to do the same this time. I also packed a couple newborn outfits (onsies and these adorable Cat & Jack pants) as well as socks and his first pair of moccasins that match his brother. At first, I thought the idea of “shoes” for infants that don’t even walk yet was a ridiculous idea but Robbie would not keep socks on his feet to save his life and his toes were frozen constantly…..so I splurged and bought crib moccasins for new baby. Literally the cutest thing in the world. Lastly, I’m bringing a lightweight Aden + Anais swaddle. Robbie was super long and didn’t really stay put in the hospital blankets. If new baby is the same (which the ultrasounds are leading us to believe), we’re going to need the bigger one.

Just a side note…

For some odd reason we didn’t think we were allowed to put Robbie’s own clothes on him until we were being discharged. The poor thing must have frozen that first night in the hospital! This is why I’m bringing additional outfits for new baby.

Now the things I won’t be needing, but packed last time.

  1. Recovery items. They will give you everything you need in the hospital and even explain how to use it all!
  2. Additional items for my husband. We have an extremely needy dog and luckily, we don’t live too far from the hospital. When I had Robbie, my husband went back home a few times to take care of the dog and ended up changing/showering there. We really weren’t even in the hospital for long anyways, so he probably could have sucked it up even if he hadn’t had the opportunity to go home.

Some of the lists I’ve seen before talk about comfort items such as pillows, their own blanket, music, pictures, etc. but I’m not super fussy and didn’t want to deal with so much stuff! I don’t wear glasses or take any medication, but that’s something that you would want on your post-it of grab items. Also, I didn’t have to worry about food at all….I had some really awesome nurses that would bring me snacks plus the meals really weren’t that bad!

Really, most items you’ll want out of comfort. If you forget something, it’s not the end of the world! Worst case scenario, you’ll have clothes on when you get to the hospital so at least you’ll have that. Just remember the car seat and an outfit for baby. You’re set!

Scroll down for baby gear details!


Striped romper, blue and white joggers: Cat & Jack for Target
*Not sure if they still have these same items, but this is our go-to brand for it’s quality, style and affordability.

Crib moccasins (“cashmere” grey in size 0): Freshly Picked
*The beige with black/white stripes were clearance and are a size 1. They aren’t available anymore but the site always has new styles! The crib mocs (size 0) are less expensive than the larger sizes. Buying these for the boys was a bit of a splurge, but have been well worth it. It helps that whatever I buy for Robbie will get handed down to his brother, but they work well for wide feet. They are soft and can easily be worn all day long; which has helped with grip while Robbie learned how to walk and is now learning how to maneuver different surfaces and levels.

Baby book: Lucy Darling
*I love how modern and cute all the pages are of this book! There’s a page to pute a picture and write a little bit about the child’s favorites and developments each month of the first year.

Solid blue and striped onsies: Burt’s Bees Baby
*This is our other favorite brand of baby and toddler wear; it’s so incredibly soft and everything is a little bit longer in the arms/legs, which worked well for Robbie. This is also an advantage because they can wear the clothing longer before sizing up!

Amber teething necklace: I bought this at a local shop here in Tucson, but you can buy the same one here.
*I swear by this necklace; we lost Robbie’s for a short while and it was a night and day difference with his attitude towards teething! We put it on him everyday and honestly haven’t had much trouble with teething whatsoever.

Organic cotton muslin swaddle (“Tree Hugger”): Modern Burlap
*We wanted to find a cute black and white swaddle to double as a back drop for monthly pictures and to be practical as a blanket. We bought one of these for Robbie and loved the fabric and size, so we bought the same brand for new baby so he has unique monthly photos. Robbie also sleeps with his every night; it’s breathable and lightweight for the heat of living in the desert (and an upstairs bedroom!)

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