Body After Baby – Week 3

First week of workouts, yay!! I’m not going to lie, I had very little motivation to workout towards the end of my pregnancy. I finished the CrossFit Open back in March and was pretty much over it. I was uncomfortable, and had major hip issues from two back-to-back pregnancies. I accomplished my goal of completing the open but the recovery from week-to-week was pretty rough. This led into the decision of taking a step back from fitness until the baby came. Throughout my first pregnancy I exercised on a regular basis all the way up to the day I delivered Robbie. My entire body felt so much better with exercise; I had more energy and retained mobility. I had to modify movements and decrease the weight load, but kept up with a regular routine. This second pregnancy, I honestly had a lot less motivation when it came to working out. I exercised to stay healthy, but nowhere near the level I was used to. After getting back into shape and back in the swing of things after having our first son, I lost the motivation and passion I’ve always had for fitness when I started gaining weight again with our second son. Fast forward to now, and it thrills me to say the spark is back! I was exhausted the last couple months of carrying this baby; everything hurt and I literally could not get enough sleep (there’s no such thing as mid-day naps when you have a toddler). After recovering from labor, I have more motivation than ever to get back to what I know; my happy place. I have always loved working out and was honestly stressed out at the fact that I had no desire to do so.

This past week has felt great; the workouts have been something to look forward to rather than dread. I’ve listened to my body and made sure to not push too hard. An added bonus: my husband is still on leave from work, so our exercise time has become a family event! Robbie is at the age where he likes to copy everything, he runs around the garage trying to pick up every dumbbell and kettlebell. He finds random objects to lift overhead and gets so excited when he watches us workout. James can apparently sleep through anything; he lays in his rocker in front of the fan as happy as can be!

Physical progress has slowed down; I’m hovering around the same weight so any changes are minimal. This week my husband and I started counting macros in our diet, which has been going better than expected. I wrote a post all about how to count macros (you can read it here) or stay tuned for an updated post on what I’m doing different this time around. Read ahead to see my workouts and what I’ve been eating this past week!




Week of Fitness

To start off this first week of postpartum fitness, I programmed rowing workouts + light core work. This allowed me to slowly introduce my lungs to a bit of cardio, and to start strengthening my back and abdominal muscles. Next week will be the first week of body weight exercises. This will get my muscles used to specific movements; but without the additional weight.

Friday: Workout 1

Equal work/rest ratio (ex: 1 min row = 1 min rest)

Row 100m, 200m, 300m, 400m, 500m, 400m, 300m, 200m, 100m

My times = :30, 1:00, 1:36, 2:12, 2:46, 2:12, 1:33, :58, :27


Sunday: Workout 2 (Partner Workout with husband)

A) “Rowling” 100m x 10

Try to hit exactly 100m over. every meter under/over = 1 point. Whoever has the least points at the end of 10 rounds wins.

B) Row 500m, 750m, 1000m

In between rounds: 1x plank (:30, :45, 1:00) and 20 double unders


Tuesday: Workout 3

15:00 Max distance (I rowed 2353m)

CORE: 3 Rounds of 20 glute bridges, :30 plank, 20 supermans (See pictures below)

15:00 Max distance (I rowed 2373m)

Glute Bridges

FullSizeRender 8




Wednesday: Workout 4

4 x 500m

In between rows: 20 heel taps, 20 leg extensions (See pictures below)

Heel taps

Leg extensions

Thursday: Workout 5

10 x 1:00 sprints on the rower (1:00 rest in between)


Friday: Workout 6 (First body weight workout)

3 Rounds for time: 250m row, 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 air squats (I finished in 11:38)

CORE: 3 Rounds of tuck extensions, :30 plank (See pictures below)

Tuck Extensions

What I Ate in a Day

Breakfast: Oatmeal with a dash of cinnamon, blueberries and a 1/2 banana. I also drank cup of coffee with heavy cream

AM Snack: Green juice with a packet of almond butter

Lunch: Lean beef seasoned with taco spices, topped with a little bit of cheese, tomatoes from our garden and homemade guacamole. A side of sweet potato tortilla chips and plantain slices cooked in a little bit of coconut oil

PM Snack: Siggi’s yogurt with granola and berries

Dinner: Garlic-lime tilapia with a side of oven roasted red potatoes and a salad with a tiny bit of Tessamae’s caesar dressing

Bedtime snack: Progenex Cocoon casein protein

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