Body After Baby – Week 5

Second week back in the swing of things at the gym and everything feels great! I missed a couple workouts due to scheduling times with work and making up a drill weekend. I did push myself a little harder on Saturday morning and made myself complete the running portion of the workout; which I haven’t done in literally 9 months. I have major issues with running and constant shin splints. no fun.

For the most part, my body feels a million times better than after my first pregnancy. Taking things slow and really focusing on technique and form has allowed my body to start regaining strength; especially with my stabilizing muscles and core. Don’t get me wrong, I’m super sore most of the time but it’s that good sore feeling like my muscles are getting stronger and not injured.

I’m at that point where the baby weight is gone, and the numbers on the scale are going up slightly as I regain lost muscle tone. Within the first couple weeks postpartum, I went from weighing 150 pounds (at the end of my pregnancy) down to 131 pounds. The past 5ish years, I’ve weighed a very consistent 135 pounds so I knew I lost muscle from scaling my workouts down so much during pregnancy. The last week or so I’ve started noticing more definition as my weight has increased back to a normal 134-136. I’m pretty happy with this progress, and even more so with the way my joints and muscles feel lately. I wear a belt during weight lifting, but have been working on my core muscles within other portions of workouts. I’m also lifting lighter weights to really get the form back and strengthen my hip stabilizers, which have been a real problem area in the past.

IMG_9283 2IMG_9284IMG_9334

Week Of Fitness

Monday (Workout 13) CrossFit Class

SWOD: Squat snatch 6×3@70% (I didn’t test my snatch last week, so I stuck with 55#)
10 power cleans (75#-heavy singles)
10 air squats
10 box jumps
(I did 3 full rounds + 2 cleans)

Tuesday (Workout 14) CrossFit Class

METCON: 6 Rounds For Time
6 shoulder to overhead (55#)
6 strict ring pull ups (I did scaled, rings about chest height: feet on the ground the entire time)
200m farmer carry(35# KBS- ended up being so heavy!)



Friday (Workout 15) CrossFit Class
SWOD: Split Jerk 6×3@70% (70# for me)
METCON: For time
40 wall balls (14# ball, 9′ target)
40 kipping pull-ups (supposed to be chest-to-bar)
40 push-ups
10 Toes-to-bar + 30 hanging knee raises (supposed to be all t2b)

Saturday (Workout 16) Gymnastics
METCON: 5 Rounds For Time
400m run (First time running in 9 months! it was rough…)
3 bar muscle-up pulls (because I obviously don’t have the core strength to do them right now)
6 kipping handstand push-ups (I used 2 ab mats under my head)


What I Ate in a Day

On the way to the gym (0530): 1/2 Progenex bar + a few large sips of monster

Post-workout (0700): 1 Scoop Natural Forces Primal Peptides collagen protein mixed into 12 oz whole milk + the rest of my monster

Breakfast (0830): 3 eggs with a little bit of cheese, berries and Power Cakes Protein pancakes with Walden farms zero calorie/zero sugar maple syrup

Snack (1100): Kirkland organic plain, non-fat Greek yogurt with Udi’s gluten-free granola, a drizzle of raw honey and a handful of blueberries

Lunch (1330): lemon-garlic pan fried tilapia, oven roasted creamer potatoes and a side salad with Tessamae’s vegan/gluten-free Caesar dressing

Dinner (1830): grilled bacon-rosemary chicken with roasted sweet potatoes and the same side salad

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