Body After Baby – Week 6 & 7

Life has been a little hectic the past couple weeks; going back to work full time, the 4th of July holiday and getting a good schedule going with two little ones. Therefore this post includes updates and workouts for both my 6th and 7th week post-baby! I’ve still maintained my consistency in getting to the gym, which is huge progress for me! Being an athlete my whole life and especially with how dedicated I was to CrossFit for so long, I have really been in a funk the past two years. I’m so happy I was able to continue working out through both pregnancies, but my commitment levels and passion for fitness has seriously been lacking. Exercise turned into something I did for my health, rather than something I also did for enjoyment. While this is a perfectly good reason, it can make gym time a chore.

The past couple weeks have felt amazing; technique and skills are coming back which has really brought back the competitive spirit. I feel as if pregnancy has shed a whole new light on the sport. It’s caused me to really take a step back and re-learn everything from the ground up which has led to my body feeling better than it ever has. I feel so much stronger; my stabilizing muscles are gaining a ton of strength from taking things slower. While I have never been a morning class type of person, I wake up excited to go the gym and see what I’m capable of. I can’t wait to compete again, and especially complete the open (not pregnant) again next year!

As far as my progress pictures go: some days I retain a little more water than others; I’m learning that my body is responding more to what I eat. I’m trying to keep my diet as clean as possible to shed some of the excess fat. I’m not worrying too much about counting macros; just eating the right foods to fuel my workouts and hydrating plenty in this 100 degree weather.


Week of Fitness (Week 6)

Monday (Workout 17) CrossFit class
Squat snatch 6×3 @75%
8 Minute AMRAP
8 power cleans (75#)
8 body weight lunges
8 burpee box jumps
(I ended up completing 2 full rounds and was 2 reps away from completing the 3rd)

Tuesday (Workout 18) 4th of July!
Buy in: 1776m row
then, 7-4-1-7-7-6 (dash = 200m run with 13# kb)
Air squat
Toes to bar
Double unders x4
(This took me 42:56) This was my first workout RX post-pregnancy!!

Wednesday (Workout 19) CrossFit class
6 rounds for time
6 shoulder to over head (60#)
6 strict ring pull-ups (feet touching the ground)
200m farmer carry (35# kb’s)
(Finished in 23:18)

Thursday (Workout 20) CrossFit class
Squat cleans 6×3 @75% (80#)
Back squat 5×5 @75% (85#)
10 minute EMOM
:40 double unders (I broke it up into 2 sets of about 20)
:40 KB snatch (18#)

Rest day

Drill weekend…so rest days!

Week 7

Monday (Workout 21) CrossFit class
Squat snatch 6×3 @ 80% (55/60#)
12 minute AMRAP
6 power cleans (80#)
8 burpees over the bar
12 jumping squats
(completed 4 rounds + 4 cleans)

Tuesday (Workout 22) Garage
Split jerk technique
5 rounds for time
20 double unders
20 ab mat sit-ups

Wednesday (Workout 23) CrossFit class
45 minutes, :90 on :90 off
Assault bike
Ski erg
Single unders

Thursday (Workout 24) CrossFit class
Squat cleans 6×3 @80% (85#)
Back squats 5×5 @80% (95#)
10 minute EMOM
:45 double kb rack hold (35#)
:45 dead hang from bar

Rest day

Saturday (Workout 25) Rowing class/CrossFit gymnastics class
3 rounds:
“Ramp up” :30
100% 1:00
“Ramp down” :30
Rest 1:00
“Ramp up” :30
80% 1:00
70% 1:00
100% 1:00
“Ramp down” :30
Rest 2:00

20 minute AMRAP
1 muscle up (coach assisted w/slight push at turnover)
100m jog
2 muscle ups
100m jog
3 muscle ups
100m jog
(I only did 1 assisted muscle up each round. Completed 8 full rounds)

What I Ate in a Day (Saturday)

Post-Workout: 12 oz. whole milk, 2 scoops Progenex recovery (Belgian chocolate) + 2 scoops Progenex buid.

Breakfast: I stopped and got a cold brew coffee then cooked up 1 egg + 5 egg whites, 2 slices bacon, an english muffin with grass-fed butter and 1/2 banana

Lunch: I went to one of my favorite restaurants here in Tucson; Solid Grindz and got their new special poke bowl (1/2 regular tuna, 1/2 Samoan sauce) then later stopped at the juice bar while running errands.

Dinner: taco salad is a pretty regular meal for us. this meal was tortilla chips, 93% ground beef with taco spices, spinach, tomatoes, a little cheese and homemade guacamole

“Dessert” shake: 1/2 container Halo top birthday cake, 2 scoops Progenex cake batter protein, 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk and about 5 ice cubes. Soo delicious!

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