Body After Baby – Week 8 & 9

I had a minor setback these last couple weeks. I pushed it a little too hard with my core and ended up hurting my lower back. Nothing too serious, but I definitely scaled it back with workouts and wore my lifting belt a little more. The good thing about getting back into shape is that you know instantly when you pushed it too hard, and when you need to pull back. I was worried I wouldn’t know when or how to scale things, but my body has been so great at telling me exactly what’s going on.

The programming at our gym has been pretty similar week to week. On test week, we find our 1RM for specific lifts and complete a metcon which will look pretty similar for the following few weeks. This is awesome, because it really allows me to test out different movements and modify them if need be for the next week. Lifts have felt better than ever and my technique is improving tremendously and allowing my stabilizing muscles to gain the strength they were lacking pre-pregnancy.

My diet has improved as well; falling into a pretty consistent routine. I typically eat similar meals from week to week just to keep things easy. I can head to the grocery store and grab everything without thinking and the same goes for cooking. It’s pretty boring, but I like how simple it makes dieting. My main proteins consist of chicken, fish, ground turkey, some bacon and steak night on Saturdays. I cut out eating a lot of red meat, like beef, because of the fat content. I stick with lean cuts of everything now. My carbs are pretty much just rice and potatoes (sweet or red/fingerlings) with lots of veggies. I usually have a steamed green vegetable with every meal (favorites are green beans, brussel sprouts, and broccoli) or a salad with a tiny bit of Tessamae’s sugar-free dressing. I add peppers and onions to my eggs each morning as well. My post-workout shake is 12 oz of whole milk with one scoop Progenex build and 2 scoops of whey protein + 5g creatine. I just finished a week of loading and am now maintaining with the 5g once daily.

My weight has stayed consistenly at 138 these past two weeks. Normally I’m at 135 and it’s a struggle to stay at 140, but I’m falling into this 138 pretty easily. I’m hoping to stay around 138-140; I feel a lot stronger at this weight and my lifts seem more solid. I have noticed this past week the skin on my stomach is starting to tighten up a little bit, which is great news! I think the clean diet has helped that as well as going back to work and walking 5+ miles per day on the flight line in this insane heat. I must be sweating out the fat!


Week 8

15min max power snatch (I got 75#)
15min max overhead squat (These felt really good, I reached 105#)

10 minute AMRAP:
10 airsquats
10 lunges
10 burpees

15min max push press (110#)

5 rounds for time:
500m row
5 strict pull ups
5 toes to bar
5 hand release pushups

(I did this in 18:12 and had to use a band for the pull-ups)

1mile sled walk 90/45
1mile farmer walk 30/22

15min max power clean+front squat+jerk (115# then I was able to clean 125 but dropped the front squat)
15min max back squat (135#)
10 min EMOM
even- Jefferson curls @53/35
odd- good mornings w/ barbell

(This is what hurt my lower back; I should have gone a lot lighter with the jefferson curls and less reps overall!)

Rest day

Rest day

Week 9

12x: 1 power snatch @70% every :40 (55#)
12x: 1 OHS @70% every :40 (75#)

10 min AMRAP
10 kb goblet squat @35/22
10 kb goblet lunge
10 burpees
(4 rounds + 11 reps RX)

Rest day

1:00 on 1:00 off for 30min
single unders
assault bike
side squats

Rest day

5×3 split jerks @70% (85#)
5×5 strict chin ups

For time:
50 TTB
50 double kb push press @35/22
(8:03 RX!!!)

Rest day

What I Ate in a Day

Post-Workout (0600): Typical shake + tried a Fuel for Fire pouch (strawberry banana flavor)

Breakfast (0700): 1 egg + 3 egg whites with peppers, mozzarella cheese, pico and salsa. Oatmeal with almond butter, blueberries and 1/2 banana

Lunch (1100): steamed white rice with orange chicken and steamed broccoli

Dinner (1800/6:00): steamed white rice with teriyaki chicken, mac salad and spam musubi (I only ate half of the meal and saved the rest for lunch the next day)

I also snacked on a perfect bar, drank some coffee and a monster throughout the day.

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