Diaper Bag

We decided to start getting the diaper bag ready so we could have it in the car when we go to the hospital. We are also moving in a couple weeks, and starting to pack everything up in boxes. To save myself the headache later on, I figured might as well just get it done! Like everything else, I researched this to death and read numerous blogs on what to keep in the diaper bag. Since we will be doing daycare and bringing him to the gym,  I want to make sure we have everything Baby Ski will need! This is a list of everything I put (and will be putting) in our diaper bag. I would love any advice/tips on what everyone else finds handy to have!

The diaper bag. We decided to go with a Northface backpack for a number of reasons. First off, we wanted something that wasn’t too girly so Nik would want to carry it around as well. Second, it seems as if diaper bags are really expensive for what they are, so we went with something we knew would last (Northface is by far one of my favorite brands for the amazing quality their product provide). Lastly, this backpack has a thousand pockets, many of them being in the front, which provides easy access to necessary items.

Diaper change pouch. I found this cute see-through zippered pouch on One Truffle’s website. I wanted something to keep the diaper changing items separate for easy access. I have a travel-sized pack of wipes in there, as well as healing balm, hand sanitizer spray and of course diapers.

Portable changing pad covers. I really wanted something simple that we could lay down wherever we end up. I debated not buying one, but we really will need something if we are taking him to the gym. I bought a set of bamboo waterproof changing pad liners and figured we could get a lot of use out of them no matter what. We will see if this works as an on-the-go option.

Personalized labels. I found these on Minted.com and had a really hard time choosing between all their cute designs! They are waterproof and not too expensive so I bought a pack of them to label all his bottles, etc. for daycare

Blanket. I splurged and bought the Aden + Anais organic swaddlers from Nordstrom. I’ve heard great things about these blankets, and wasn’t going to buy them until I felt just how ridiculously soft the organic ones were (and apparently they get softer with every wash!?)

Clothing. Everyone I know has warned me to always have a few changes of clothes for the little one with you at all times, because you never know! I included a couple long sleeve onsies (it will still be a little chilly when he’s born) and this adorable Burt’s Bees hoodie and sweat pant suit, as well as a hat.

Wet bag. I ordered this cute polka dot bag from Logan + Lenora to put soiled clothing into, especially if they need to change him in daycare. I like the idea of having a reusable, washable bag rather than using plastic bags.

Sling. I bought mine from wild bird; I’ve heard great things about their ring slings! It also shipped incredibly fast, and seems like it’s sturdy and durable. I feel like I will be using this more than just outside the house, but It will definitely be coming along for the ride when we leave!

Binkies and teething toys. In one of the easy-access pockets in front, I packed a couple binkies that come with protective caps. I also packed in there toy/binky wipes, just in case. Also packed is Fanfan the Fawn, for teething/distractions from diaper changes.

Bibs, drool bandanas and burp cloths. Since he will be in daycare throughout our workday, I packed a couple of each in there to protect from mess!

First aid. I have a set of nail clippers, baby asprin, sunscreen and a list of emergency contacts in a small, inside pocket. I’m not really sure what else I’m going to need here, but I wanted to at least pack the essentials.

Feeding. I’m really not sure what to expect in this department yet, so I haven’t really packed anything yet. I know for sure I will need a small cooler to transport milk to-and- from daycare, which will include bottles and milk. I ordered a car seat cover from Milk Snob, which doubles as a nursing cover, so I will always have that handy! We are really going to play-it-by-ear as far as feeding goes.

I’m sure I will be updating this list after baby Ski arrives and we take this bag out a few times, but for now I think we have everything we might need! It’s a huge relief to have this done and ready before we move and everything is a complete mess. Like I said before, any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated!


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