Hospital Bag

As a first-time mom, I’ve been reading blog after blog trying to figure out what to pack for the hospital. I tend to over pack, but I feel like we will have everything we need! So here’s my list of items I packed into this large, but cute bag that I found at Target last week.

Hospital bag2

Even though I over pack, I decided that I’m not going to bring items I know the hospital will for sure have, such as my own personal pillow, towel, or blanket. I’ve literally taken naps laying on the concrete of the flight line underneath our jets; I think I will be fine with a couple flat pillows for a night or two! I do like the idea of showering with my own shampoo and body wash just to feel normal and comfortable again after labor. So basically, I chose to be picky about a small handful of things.



  1. Honest Shampoo + body wash and conditioner. Something both my husband and I can use (without being too girly)
  2. Pacifica deodorant wipes. I keep some of these in my gym bag, and absolutely love them! Anything to make me feel fresh if I’m unable to shower right away
  3. Alba Hawaiian face wipes. Having acne-prone skin, I’m very particular about what I use on my face! Plus I love anything pineapple scented
  4. Summer’s Eve wipes. Pretty self-explanatory; it’s always nice to feel fresh
  5. Pacifica travel-sized essentials. I found a pack that included face wash, moisturizer, tinted BB cream, and a tinted lip gloss. So perfect, because I didn’t have to search for everything separate. This combined with my mini mascara and I might feel like taking pictures after sweating through labor
  6. Honest nipple balm- Everything I have read said to pack it; we’ll see!
  7. Nursing pads. Just in case, they take up little to no room.
  8. Burt’s Bees chapstick- Tucson is dry, REALLY dry. Apparently hospitals are too, so I packed some away.
  9. Depends and maxi pads. Even if they provide these, I do not want to take a chance of them not having them!
  10. I also included toothbrushes, toothpaste and deodorant for the both of us

Hospital clothing3

going home outfit

Clothing items:

I kept it pretty simple here, I really only packed a couple things to wear in the hospital because I’m pretty sure changing my outfit will be the last thing on my mind!

  1. Robe. The one thing I remember about my last visit to the hospital was being cold the entire time! It took up quite a bit of space in my bag, but I would like to be warm, and I don’t want to show off my rear in those terrible gowns.
  2. Nursing nightgown. I found this on amazon a couple weeks ago, and I love it already! It’s super soft, really thick, and adorable. I already feel like I’m going to live in this after baby Ski is born
  3. Nursing bra. I did extensive research, and basically ended up picking a few bras that got the best customer ratings. I’m only bringing one; I will survive a couple days. This one is a belabumbum I bought on amazon. It’s really comfortable so far, super soft, and has a ton of adjustment, in case you fluctuate.
  4. Granny panties. Something cheap, that I’m okay with being ruined; I don’t really think I’ll want to wear these in the future anyways.
  5. Yoga socks. I’m not really a huge slipper fan, but I don’t want to roam the halls in flip flops (My toes get so cold!) These have grips on the bottom, and I will definitely use them later on for yoga.
  6. Going home outfit. Luckily, I haven’t really had to buy any maternity clothing, (everyone says to bring something you would have fit into around your 5th or 6th month) so I threw in a pair of yoga pants, a loose-fitting top, and a light jacket. It will be March in Arizona, so it will likely be pretty warm by then!
  7. My husband hasn’t added his clothing yet, but he’s pretty simple. He will most likely throw in a pair of gym shorts and a couple tees. We live really close to the hospital, so if need be, he can run home real quick to grab any additional clothing we might need.

Baby stuff

Baby Gear!

I didn’t go too crazy here, it’s my understanding that the hospital provides you with the essentials, like diapers. Regardless, we may throw the diaper bag in the car (if we think about it!)

  1. 2 Going home outfits. I’m in love with this polar bear fleece outfit, and would be devastated if it didn’t fit, but we have this equally adorable striped gown, that snaps into pants for the car seat
  2. Blanket. Just in case we need it for the ride home and/or as a car seat cover
  3. Socks. Small enough to throw in, just in case
  4. Binky. Again, very small and just in case. Do they like binkies that young?!
  5. Baby book. There’s a page for footprints, so we figured we would bring it and have the nurses complete this while they do his birth certificate.
  6. Car seat. We are going to install the seat in my car, and get it checked asap


I have a list to leave next to the door, and attached to my bag, of items we need to make sure and grab before we head to the hospital. I don’t think I’m going to bring an extra camera; Iphones take pretty darn good pictures now a days! I’m also not going to worry about bringing to much to do; we are extremely good at entertaining ourselves (military motto: “hurry up and wait.”) I also haven’t decided if I’m going to bring the boppy pillow or not.

  1. Phone charger. I always have one in my purse, which is always with me! Luckily we have the same phone, so my husband will be set here too.
  2. Wallet, ID, and important paperwork. Did I mention my purse nearly doubles as a tote bag? I literally carry everything with me, I really like to be prepared. So all of this will also be with me no matter where I go into labor
  3. Laptop and charger. I have no idea what to expect or how much “free time” you have, but I figured if I’m at home when I go into labor, I will grab my laptop so I at least have something to keep us entertained.
  4. Cash. We decided against bringing snacks, we figure if we have cash then we will find something, somewhere in the hospital. We are pretty easy when it comes to food! I assume the same for finding a water bottle.

Like I said before, this is what I am planning on bringing based on advice, and reading blogs. I’m sure I will come back later and update this list based on what I didn’t end up using!

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